10 Best Free SEO Extensions for Google Chrome to Rank Higher

All of us struggle hard to rank higher in search engines to get more organic traffic and eventually more revenue. This is where SEO tools come in to reveal your competitor’s strategies. Tons of free and paid tools and extensions are available. But we will help you in this article to find out the best free SEO extensions for the Chrome web browser.

Seo Extensions For Google

Seo is optimizing your content in such a way that search engines like to show it in higher search results.

Best Seo Extensions For Google

As a Newbie in the online Journey SEO tools can be expensive to purchase and use for SEO Analysis. So, may you be looking for free SEO tools? But often free tools offer data with limitations.

Here, Chrome web store extensions come in. These extensions can customize or enhance the functionality of Web Browser. At the time thousands of extensions are available in Chrome Web Store.

What are extensions in Chrome ?

Extensions are (small handy tools) software programs, plugins, or Apps in the Chrome Web Store, built on web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) that enable users to customize the Chrome web browsing experience.

In this article, we have collected a collection of Best Free Seo Chrome extensions to make the Seo process easy and user-friendly. Seo includes Keyword Research, Content optimization, Backlinks, Social Signals, and much more.

How SEO extensions can be helpful?

Every Seo tool is different. Some tools are better for Keyword research, and others may be for Backlinks and Competitor analysis. In this article, we have enlisted Seo extensions for Keyword research, on-page off-page SEO analysis backlinks, and Page speed metrics.

Seo Step By Step

SEO extensions can be helpful for Competitor analysis, on-page SEO, Backlinks checking, Broken link checking, and many more purposes. Most people use these extensions for on-page optimization.

We give a survey analysis report for different use below.

How Seo Extensions Are Used?
How Seo extensions are used?

Keywords Everywhere:

For a beginner in SEO, 1st step is to find Long-tail keywords, Keyword suggestions, and related searches to create a piece of content. For these features, keywords everywhere chrome extension is an outstanding free extension.

Keywords Everywhere one of the most popular Chrome extensions for SEO. Previously it was completely free. But now it is a freemium extension with few features in free and the remaining are premium.

With Free keywords everywhere extension, You can find out the trend of the keyword you are looking for. It shows the trend timeline. You can easily change the time frame.

Keywords Everywhere also extract related keywords, long-tail keywords, and “people also search for” from search engine results. It also works on YouTube and shows video insights and trends with popular hashtags used against a particular keyword.

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension In Google
keywords everywhere chrome extension in google
Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension In Youtube
Keywords Everywhere Search results in YouTube

You can find these results in the sidebar of the Chrome browser while searching a query. And the results can be exported into a CSV file by simply in one click

How to use keywords everywhere extension?

  • Install Keywords Everywhere from Chrome Web store
  • Pin the extension to the top bar.
  • Search your required query in the google search engine in Chrome Browser
  • Find the keyword research data and suggestions in the right sidebar of the browser.
  • Keyword Trend chart,
  • Related keywords,
  • “people also search for”
  • Trending keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Search Insights on YouTube
  • SERP insights and Video Metrics on YouTube.

SeoStack Keyword Tool:

SeoStack is another free Keyword research chrome extension to find long-tail keywords. With the help of this extension, a beginner can find long-tail keywords easily and quickly to rank fast in Google search results.

With the help of the SeoStack chrome extension, you can generate 1000s of long-tail keywords with very low competition.

This long-tail keyword Generator tool get suggestions from 8 main search engines including

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Pinterest
  • Duckduckgo
  • eBay
  • Amazon
Stack1 Min
SeoStack Chrome extension results

How To Use Seostack extension?

  • Install SeoStack Chrome extension
  • Pinto the top bar
  • Click the extension. it will open in a new tab
  • Paste your keywords in the input box
  • select the desired search engines
  • Change your required country and language and click start
  • Export your search results in a CSV file.
  • Long-tail Keyword Generator
  • Low competition Keywords
  • Suggestions of keywords from 8 main search engines
  • Support all target Countries and languages.
  • Results can be exported easily
  • Multiple tabs can be opened at the same time

Keyword Surfer:

The very first Step in the Seo process is to find a keyword and its Volume but the first 2 extensions only provide keywords, not their volume and CPC. Almost all Seo tools including Ahref, Semrush, Moz, and Ubersuggest have these core features of Keyword research.

But if you want to find the keyword stats right in your Chrome Browser, keyword surfer chrome extension is helpful in this case. keyword surfer is one of the best chrome extensions for keyword research.

Keyword Surfer is a better alternative to Keywords Everywhere. It is a 100% free extension to find keywords-related searches, search volume, CPC, and much more.

Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension In Google Search Results
keyword surfer chrome extension in google search results

With Keyword Surfer you can easily find the monthly search volume of a keyword and CPC in $. And this search volume can be found in any country by switching the country from the list. Keyword Surfer also collects a list of related keywords with their monthly search Volume and % similarity with your search query in the right sidebar.

Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension Related Keywords
keyword surfer chrome extension related keywords

Keyword Surfer also provides the estimated traffic of the top SERP pages and the number of words in the articles of that SERP against a keyword. In this way, you can easily find the number of words in your competitor’s article.

The Most Powerful Feature of Keyword surfer is its Content Editor with NLP-driven guidelines. It creates Content guidelines for your article by comparing it to the top SERP articles against a particular keyword.

Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension Content Editor
Keyword surfer chrome extension Content Editor

How to Use Keyword Surfer extension?

  • Install Keyword Surfer From Google Chrome Web store
  • Pin the Extension to the toolbar.
  • Search your related search query in Google
  • Keyword Surfer reveals keyword volume and CPC right in the search input box
  • Related keyword ideas with search volume in the right sidebar of Chrome browser.
  • To create your Content Editor click on the free content editor in the sidebar.
  • Paste your Content and check it against your Competitors.
  • Keyword Surfer is free Forever.
  • 100% free extension to see search volume in the search browser.
  • Reveals related keyword research data.
  • Search Volume, Keyword Suggestions and CPC.
  • Seo Score of your content on the scale of the Ranked articles data.

Google Page Speed Insights:

Page Speed and its loading time is the main factor in Google’s algorithm. It is very difficult to rank for a slower website. Slower speed impacts the conversions as well as the ranking of a website.

Website Speed is now much more important to rank up higher in search engines. Studies show that a 1-second delay of page loading time lost 7% conversions, 11% fewer views, and a 16% decrease in user satisfaction.

How Page Speed Affects Seo

Google & other search engines already penalizing slower websites. So Boosting up your page speed is important to avoid any traffic loss and penalization. You can boost up your website speed in just 5 minutes.

There are many free tools available to analyze the page speed and a complete analysis report. Some of the famous tools are Google Page Speed insights, GtMetrix, Pingdom.

But an easy way is to use a Google Page speed insights extension right in the chrome Web browse to analyze the page speed in Desktop and mobile devices.

This extension can quickly analyze the speed of any webpage and represent this speed with a grade and score.

Page Speed Insights Chrome Extension
page speed insights chrome extension

If your page speed score is bad you can run a complete audit and a detailed analysis report by clicking need more. You can analyze this report. And fixing the problem will definitely boost up your page rankings.

Page Speed Insights Reports
page speed insights reports
Page Speed Insights Reports
page speed insights reports

How to use Page Speed Insights extension?

  • Install Official Google Page Speed Insights extension From Chrome Web Store.
  • Pin the extension to the top toolbar.
  • Click the extension icon and it will start analyzing the page where you are on the web.
  • After analysis, it will show the performance score and Page speed metric.
  • Green Color Indicates Pass, Orange is Average and Red indicates Fail on Google Page Speed Metrics
  • Click “Need More” to Analyze the complete report
  • Page Speed Scores on Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Real Time API calls to Google Page Speed Insights
  • Actual Lighthouse Performance Scoring
  • Color Indicators for different Speed Grades
  • Need More Navigate Hyper link for detailed analysis report


SEO Meta in 1 click is an excellent extension for on-page Seo Analysis. It displays all metadata and Seo information of a WebPage.

Seo Meta In 1 Click Chrome Extension
seo meta in 1 click chrome extension

You can run an on-page Seo check with this extension. Seo Meta quickly analyzes the meta keywords, Description, Image alts, HTML Heading tags, and much more.

With this extension you can quickly copy the meta tags and meta description of your competitor.

How to Use SEO META 1 Click extension?

  • Install Seo META 1 Click from Chrome Web Store.
  • Pin the extension to the top toolBar.
  • Click the extension to analyze the one-page Seo of the required page.
  • Title and its length,
  • Description and its length,
  • URL (and meta-canonical url too),
  • Meta-robots,
  • Displaying headers in order of their appearance in HTML (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6),
  • Number of images with and without image ALT,
  • number of links (internal, unique, …)
  • Open Graph and twitter social data
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • All advanced Seo tools at a single place.

SEO Minion:

SEO Minion is a small but powerful best Seo browser extension that performs a variety of Seo features in a single place. With This extension, you can perform All these actions given below in the picture.

Best Seo Minion Browser Extensions
Seo minion browser extensions

To perform any action from the list just select it and It starts working. With this extension in just a few clicks, you can analyze your website Seo.

How to use Seo Minion extension?

  • Install the extension from The Chrome Web Store
  • Pin it to the top.
  • Click the extension and select your desired action to perform
  • The extension will automatically start its work.
  • Analyze On-Page SEO
  • Highlight All Links (internal & external)
  • Check Broken Links
  • Hreflang Checker
  • Google search location simulator
  • SERP Utilities
  • SERP Preview


SEOquake tells a detailed analysis of your website in just a single click.

It gives a detailed overview of Alexa rank, Google, Bing, and Semrush Rank of a Website. You can easily find all these metrics and much more in a single place.

A full list of Seo parameters measured by Seo quake is given below:

Semrush RankGoogle IndexGoogle Links
SEMrush SE TrafficGoogle Cache dateYahoo Index, SEMrush links
SEMrush SE Traffic priceSEMrush backlinks by domainSEMrush backlinks by hostname
Baidu indexBing IndexAlexa Rank
Baidu linkFacebook likesCompete Rank
Seo parameters measured by Seo quake
Seo Parameters Measured By Seo Quake
Seo parameters measured by Seo quake

SeoQuake has the ability to organize the search results according to any country and language. Seo metrics of each search result are mention under each SERP. Any of the parameters can be switched off or on.

Search Engine results can be arranged by any of the given parameter.

Seoquake Chrome Extension In Search Engine
SeoQuake Chrome extension in search engine

How to use SeoQuake?

  • Install SeoQuake Chrome extension from Web store.
  • Pin the extension to the top bar.
  • Run a search query in search engine
  • SeoQuake automatically starts extracting data
  • To measure Seo metrics of a particular Web page click the icon and it will show results.
  • Review all major metrics of a Webpage.
  • Get a detailed analysis of SERPs and in CSV format
  • Estimate keyword difficulty instantly
  • Set parameters for a search query
  • Run a complete SEO audit of a webpage,
  • Check for mobile compatibility
  • Check social statistics for Facebook and Google+
  • Use a wide range of default parameters or create a custom set
  • Get a full report for internal/external links
  • Determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list
  • Compare URLs/domains


One of my favorite Extensions in the Chrome web store, Similarweb, analyzes the complete traffic details of any website. This is the most accurate tool in the market to estimate the traffic of your competitor.

With the help of Similar Web you can easily estimate traffic of any website right in the chrome web browser.

SimilarWeb shows the traffic rank of the website at the global level country level and In their particular category.
The traffic of the Last 6 Months is represented by a chart.

It even shows the bounce rate, average visit time and pages per visit.

Similarweb Seo Chrome Extension Traffic Report
SimilarWeb Traffic Report

With the help of similar web, you can easily analyze the website of your competitor’s traffic. It even gives the report of Countries from where the traffic is coming on to this website.

Similarweb Seo Chrome Extension Traffic Report By Geography

Another amazing feature of this extension is that it gives a detailed report of Traffic sources. You can easily determine from which sources your competitor getting traffic.

Similarweb Seo Chrome Extension Traffic Sources
SimilarWeb Seo chrome extension Traffic Sources

How to use Similar Web extension?

  • Install SimilarWeb Chrome Extension
  • Pin the extension to the top toolBar
  • Click the icon to check the traffic stats of any website
  • For detailed analysis visit the SimilarWeb official website.
  • Website Rank
  • Visits Over Time
  • Geography
  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages per Visit
  • Average Duration


For an off-page Seo, Domain Authority is the major factor made by Moz. The higher the Domain Authority of a Website higher is the chance of its rank. MozBar is an all-in-one Seo Solution.

With the MozBar extension, one can easily determine the page and domain authority, and spam score of any webpage. It also gives the number of backlinks of that particular page.

Moz Chrome Extension
Moz chrome extension

When you are browsing in the search engine MozBar extension, quickly find the Authority metrics of search results. In this way, one can easily determine the authority of his competitor against a particular keyword.

Moz Chrome Extension Serp Stats
moz chrome extension in search engine

MozBar is also helpful for on-page Seo analysis of any webpage. With MozBar it is easy to find the on-page Seo metrics, i.e., page title, Meta Description, Url, Heading Tags, and meta keywords.

Moz Chrome Extension On Page Seo
Moz chrome extension on page Seo

It is also useful to highlight the do-follow, no-follow, internal, and external links with different colors on a web page.

How To Use MozBar Extension:

  • Install the MozBar Extension from the Chrome Web store.
  • Create a Free Account on moz.com
  • Login to your account
  • Pin the extension to the top bar
  • Find Important authority Metrics on the top toolbar
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Spam Score
  • Backlinks of a particular page
  • On Page Seo analysis
  • Highlight Do follow and No follow Links on a web page
  • Export Search Engine results in CSV file.


Ubersuggest is the #1 free Chrome extension for Seo By Neil Patel. It is an all-in-one Seo solution for all those who can not buy a premium Seo tool. It offers a lot of Seo analysis and metrics both inside the search engine and web pages.

The Ubersuggest extension not only provides data with insightful data about a specific keyword or query on Google but also on YouTube and Amazon. Ubersuggest extension is available in 9 different international languages.

Once you have the Ubersuggest keyword search tool installed, all you have to do is go to Google, YouTube, or Amazon and do a search. There you will see data on keywords and search terms and if you would like more details on any of them. Simply click on “Show All” next to the search bar for the keyword you are looking for and you will get access to even more keywords and SEO insights.

The value of all the data available for a single search query is that it allows you to fine-tune your searches to find keywords and phrases to rank for. Ubersuggest data is available for more than 100 countries.

1. Keyword Volume and CPC:

UberSuggest Chrome Extension shows the keyword Volume and CPC right in the search engine input box. You can easily determine these 2 metrics in the browser with no 3rd tool.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension
Ubersuggest chrome extension in search engine

2. Keyword Suggestions:

For any search query, you can easily find keyword suggestions and related keywords with their monthly search volume CPC and SEO Difficulty in the right sidebar of Chrome Browser.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension Related Keywords
Ubersuggest chrome extension related keywords

3. Seo Metrics of SERP results:

While browsing a search query in chrome Web Browser, you can easily determine the Seo metrics including Moz Domain Authority, Backlinks, Estimated visits, and the number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension In Search Engine
Ubersuggest chrome extension in search engine

4. Domain overview:

Ubersuggest is also valuable for a complete analysis of a competitor’s website. The very first thing Ubersuggest reveals is the organic keywords, monthly organic traffic, Domain Authority, and Backlinks.

Seo Keyword Rankings and top pages by country are also determined with free Ubersuggest Chrome Extension.

5. Keywords By Traffic:

Ubersuggest also reveals the volume, position, estimated visits, and Seo difficulty of the keywords for which a website is ranking. It can switch these keywords regarding different countries.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension Keywords By Traffic
Ubersuggest chrome extension keywords by traffic

Backlinks are core and vital factors in the ranking of a website. With the Ubersuggest extension in free, you can find Backlinks do-follow and no-follow referring domains and organic monthly traffic.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension Backlinks
Ubersuggest chrome extension Backlinks

7. Seo Analyzer:

With the Ubersuggest Seo analyzer tool, you can run a complete Audit of your website, site speed on desktop and mobile devices.

How to use UberSuggest extension?

  • Install Ubersuggest Chrome Extension
  • Pin the extension to the top toolbar
  • The extension works in search engines and webpages
  • In SERP results Ubersuggest reveals Off-page Seo metrics:
  • On a webpage, Ubersuggest can perform a complete Audit and analysis of a domain.
  • Different keyword ideas
  • Content ideas
  • Google keywords
  • Amazon keywords
  • YouTube keywords
  • Top ranking pages
  • Keyword analysis and details
  • Site audits
  • Backlink profiles
  • Search volume
  • CPC
  • The average number of backlinks
  • Domain score
  • Pinterest shares
  • Facebook shares
  • A comprehensive chart that breaks down
  • Percentage of SEO clicks your search term gets •
  • Different age groups that search for your term
  • Highly-targeted keyword suggestions


There are tons of tools and chrome extensions available. Every tool has its own specifications and functionality.

You can use any of the extensions given above. May using all of them at a time can be overloaded. You can use any of them.

Keyword Surfer Is the #1 extension for Keyword search, Volume, and CPC. Seo meta and SEO minion are the best options for on-page SEO optimization. SimilarWeb is best for competitors’ traffic and traffic sources.

Page speed insights to analyze the page speed and a detailed report. Mozbar is a perfect solution for off-page SEO metrics and on-page SEO.

But all-in-one solution is Ubersuggest. With the help of Ubersuggest, you can manage your Seo process using no paid or premium tool. We highly recommend using Ubersuggest. Even you can upgrade it to its premium plan at very cheap prices.

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