Wp Rocket latest version free download |Boost speed in 5 minutes

How to Boost Up the Speed of your WordPress website in just 5 minutes with wp rocket’s latest version? And Wp Rocket’s latest version free download with all ideal setting files.

But before that, you may have a few questions in your mind.

Why Website Speed is important.?
How to get more traffic from search engines with a fast-speed website?
How fast can page loading Boost up the SEO of your website?

Yes, Because Google is going to announce to release new updates to their algorithm in June. So, prepare for that in advance to avoid any potential loss of traffic. Google June Updates.

They mainly focused these Updates on Page Speed and Page Experience. Because Website Speed is now much more important to rank up higher in search engine. Studies show that a 1-second delay of page loading time lost 7% conversions, 11% fewer views, and a 16% decrease in user satisfaction.

How Page Speed Affects Seo
Strangeloop Study

Google & other search engines already penalizing slower websites. So Boost up your page speed is important to avoid any traffic loss and penalization.

How to Boost Up the speed of your WordPress Website?

In a WordPress Website, a lot of processes run to display the content of a page. It was slowdowns the speed of the website. And slow speed means low sales and lesser revenue.

To avoid running these processes every time there comes cache plugins. The cache plugin makes a copy of the page after the first time loading. Cache plugins increase the speed of WordPress websites up to 10x. This is how Cache processes in WordPress.

Cache Process In Wordpress
Cache Process in WordPress

Some Hosting providers offer a built-in cache system. So you don’t need cache Plugins.
We Recommend Kinsta For WordPress Website with Powerful cache system.

What are the best Cache Plugins?

Wp Rocket( Premium)
W3 Total Cache (Free + Premium)
Wp Super Cache (Free)
Wp Fastest Cache (Free)

Why Wp Rocket?

Wp Rocket is an all-in-one solution to boost up website speed. Wp Rocket is the top-recommended plugin for all newbies who do not know of cache.

Wp Rocket offers image optimization, Html. CSS, Js Minification, CDN, and many other features. We give a quick list of some features below.

Quick Features of Latest Version of Wp Rocket:

  1. Compatible with all CDN
  2. Easy to configure and setup
  3. No technical knowledge required
  4. Works with all types of Websites
  5. Easy to understand settings
  6. Automatically enables recommended settings on installation
  7. Lazy image loading, iFrame, and videos
  8. File optimization supports
  9. File compression support
  10. Custom cache lifespan
  11. Allows you to Prefetch DNS request
  12. Forced cache refresh options
  13. Preloading of pages
  14. Preload URL’s from sitemap
  15. GZip compressions
  16. Optimization of Google fonts
  17. Preload cache supports
  18. Reduce the size of database by optimization
  19. Browser caching support
  20. Allows you to remove query string
  21. Helps you to get 90+ Google page speed score
  22. Integration with CloudFlare
  23. Different cache for mobile sites
  24. Improve the overall performance of the site

How Much Speed of Website Increases after Wp Rocket?

To know this we make a test on a website on GtMetrix. GtMetrix is the best tool in the market to analyze the speed of a website with a great analysis report.

We make three tests on a single website with three different cases

GTMetrix Report Before Installing Wp Rocket:

Before installing Wp Rocket we gave the Website Speed Analysis screenshot below. It Shows 48% performance and E Grade. This is because of JS and CSS files and un-optimized images and database size.

Gtmetrix Analysis Report Before Installing Wp Rocket

GTMetrix Report After Installing Wp Rocket:

Download the Wp Rocket latest version free from the links given below. Install and activate the plugin. If you don’t know how to install a plugin, read this guide.

Note: Deactivate and delete all other cache plugins before installing Wp Rocket

Just after installing the WP Rocket, its performance changes drastically. Now it shows a B grade with an 89% performance score. Which makes a tremendous difference.

Still, we don’t change any settings of Wp Rocket. This is a plus point of Wp Rocket Plugin that it offers default settings such that anyone can use them without changing.

Gtmetrix Analysis Report After Installing Wp Rocket

GTMetrix Report After Apply Settings Wp Rocket:

There are a bunch of settings that Wp Rocket offers. It is difficult for a beginner to set up and configure the plugin with all these settings. For details Visit WP Rocket Settings.

Wp Rocket offers to import and export the settings. One can easily import the .json file of settings into WP Rocket.

After installing and activating the plugin Download the Ideal settings file. To upload these settings, Go to Wp Rocket from the WordPress Dashboard, Then tools, and upload and import settings. Upload Jason’s file here and import it.

Import Wp Rocket Settings

You don’t need to change any settings because all ideal settings are imported. After importing these settings we again make a GtMetrix test. And this is the last report now.
That’s great. Now the performance is A grade and 90% score.

Capture3 Min

Free Download WP Rocket v3.9 Latest Version:

Wp Rocket Costs $49 for 1 website. Visit Wp Rocket Pricing Page.

We offer wp Rocket Plugin Free of Cost. Click the links to and download WP Rocket.

How to Boost Up Website Speed in 5 minutes?

5 5 minutes

Download Wp Rocket Latest Version

Free Download the latest version of Wp Rocket.

Install and activate the Wp Rocket

Upload the plugin files. Install and activate it

Download .Json file of Settings

Download the ideal settings .Json file for Wp Rocket.

Import Settings .Json file

After activating the plugin. Go to settings >> Wp Rocket >>Tools and upload and import settings file.

Perform Speed test on GtMetrix.

After Importing the file Make a speed test on GtMetrix. Speed of the website will boost up.

If you have any questions, ask below in the comment.

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